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Indoor air freshener plants – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, a.k.a. Mums, are an easy perennial to grow. This is clear by their wide representations in gardens across the globe. Another reason people love growing Chrysanthemums is that they come in nearly every color, save blue. They also can be found of varying heights. Their flowers comes in single and double heads, anemone centers, but also doubles that are ...

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Indoor air freshener plants – Peace Lily

Peace Lilies should be grown between 68F and 80F. Do not let any drafts blow on the plant. If the temperature drops to less than 45F the plant will die. Fertilizer A 20-20-20 fertilizer made for houseplants can help the Peace Lily bloom, but it must be administered at half strength and only during the Spring and Summer. During the ...

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Indoor air freshener plants – Philodendron

Philodendrons are one of the easiest types of houseplants to grow. They can grow in very low light conditions and are not disturbed by neglect. If you treat them right, though, your Philodendrons will flourish for many years to come. They will also benefit your family by removing formaldehyde in high concentrations from the air of your home, according to ...

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Indoor air freshener plants

Indoor plants can help keep a fresh air in the house. Contrary to expectations, indoor air is more polluted than outside. Find out what houseplants eliminates various toxins. 1. Aloe vera These plants are very easy to maintain. Loves the sun, aloe vera filters benzene and formaldehyde, substances emanate from cleaning chemicals or paints. Aloe plant is a wise choice ...

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