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Winter balcony and terraces

Garden lovers will not cease to work outdoors even in winter, because they can arrange their balcony or terrace. There are several things you can do outside, even in winter: dried flowers can be replaced with evergreen ones, such as pine, laurel, rosemary or wild buxus. It is recommended distance planting, so between evergreen plants remain enough space for flowering ...

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Small water garden for you terrace or balcony

What could be better than relaxing in the murmur of your water garden or terrace or simply let your thoughts wander freely? A water element transforms the smallest garden into a paradise. And you must not always choose a pond! Water can be integrated in different ways: as a fountain nozzle water fountain or water bowls decorated with plants.

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How to create living walls and vertical gardens

Too little space in your garden does not mean you have to give up vegetables production. To find a solution for limited space situations simply use creativity. With a vertical garden, you can plant cucumbers, strawberries or any vegetable, even on a small balcony. The lack of space will not be a hindrance, to benefit of fresh vegetables and greens ...

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How to properly fertilize garden soil

Balcony and garden plants need several nutrients to grow healthy and also to give a good crop of fruit and flowers. These nutrients can be applied to the soil as fertilizer. If you follow some simple rules, basic in terms of fertilization, you can expect a good harvest. Moreover, our plant will become resistant to diseases and parasites.

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