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Autumn decoration and handcraft fun for the whole family

Cute decorations make the home more welcoming and friendly. Handmade decorations often have individual charm and are really personal and special. The following tips and tricks mean that there is nothing to prevent you from creating a pleasant autumnal atmosphere in your home, and will certainly bring fun and enjoyment for the whole family. All you need are the right ...

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Fun games to play in the garden

Spring it’s the right time for the young and less young alike to retreat in the garden. No wonder that everyone is ready: winter was long and spring made us want to go out. People who have access to gardens or green spaces nearby are really lucky: the garden is the perfect sport center ¬†for a family. The way to ...

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3 Reasons why kids love flowerbed

To see how, in the garden from tiny seeds grow extraordinary flowers is a fundamental experience for children. The best way to help is to give children their own flowerbed so they can have their own nature experience.

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