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Tag Archives: leaves

Autumn garden activities

It is autumn and the evenings start earlier and cool gradually. Winter is fast approaching. So what gardeners look forward in autumn? To prepare for winter, of course! Autumn is a good time for transplanting work because the soil has sufficient moisture due to regular rains. The earth is still warm, so plants still have enough time to get used ...

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How to use autumn leaves in the garden

When trees lose their colorful autumn cloak and the soil is covered with variegated leaves, the question is: “What do I do with all this foliage? It may be left there or be removed? ” Wet leaves are dangerous if left on the terrace or on paved areas, as they form a slippery brown carpet. For this reason, the leaves ...

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Autumn decoration and handcraft fun for the whole family

Cute decorations make the home more welcoming and friendly. Handmade decorations often have individual charm and are really personal and special. The following tips and tricks mean that there is nothing to prevent you from creating a pleasant autumnal atmosphere in your home, and will certainly bring fun and enjoyment for the whole family. All you need are the right ...

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How to protect against pests

Aphids mainly damage young plants, extracting the cell sap. At the same time exudes a poison that curls the leaves. Due to the formation of “shelters” in leaf, which can be easily seen in the tops of the branches, the aphids are better protected against birds and other predators of garden and, often, save at least a couple that perpetuate ...

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Color stains for your garden during winter

As soon as last summer flowers have disappeared, evergreen shrubs play their trump card:  during winter, offer a good structure to your garden and color the layers. This is because some of them defy those gray winter with their golden-yellow and multicolored leaves. These Perennial layers play their role during this time. They translate into reality the dream of a ...

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How to maintain your water garden during autumn

Clear water to the bottom of the pond, fish, shellfish and crustaceans, all perfectly visible in the water, surrounded by beautiful plants from the edge of the pond – all this makes the water garden to be very funny. If there were no exasperating algae problem! If you look carefully, you may be surprised to find that those beautiful plants ...

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