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How to choose the right soil to grow healthy plants

Look at the plants in the garden and you will see if are anchored in a fertile soil or if they have trouble finding enough water and nutrients. To flourish and sprout, the flowers should have sufficient amounts of minerals, air, water and organic substances. Sandy soil, for example, is slightly porous, allowing the passage of water and is easy ...

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How to properly fertilize garden soil

Balcony and garden plants need several nutrients to grow healthy and also to give a good crop of fruit and flowers. These nutrients can be applied to the soil as fertilizer. If you follow some simple rules, basic in terms of fertilization, you can expect a good harvest. Moreover, our plant will become resistant to diseases and parasites.

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Tips and tricks about fertilizers

It’s an amazing thing: no one would be surprised if a canary would fall off its perch because nobody fed it. But although you feed your pets from inertia when it comes to plants, gardeners can even be amazed when you ask them this key question: “Have you fertilized? If so, when, with what and how much fertilizer did you ...

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