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Clever Self Watering Systems

1. Diapers to maintain the soils humidity You can use diapers to maintain the humidity in soil. There are two methods first is simple as i saw on sandpaper and silly putty. Just put a diaper on the bottom of pot, very simple.

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Sub Irrigated Planter

Materials: One water or soda bottle One bottle cap or aluminum foil and rubberband to cover bottle opening Wicking material (fabric interfacing or cotton string) Planting medium (a soilless seed starter mixture) Water Remove label from the bottle. Cut bottle 1 cm below shoulder. Poke or drill a 1 cm hole in bottle cap. Alternatively, rubberband several layers of aluminum ...

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Milk jug upside down tomato planters

Supplies Needed: Potting Soil,  Wire Coat Hanger and 1 Plastic Gallon Milk Jug Tools Needed: Wire Snips, Hole Punch, Knife to cut the plastic 1. Cut the bottom of the milk jug. 2. Punch a hole in each side and thread your hanger ends through and twist them up. 3. Start adding your potting soil. 4. Push the roots gently ...

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