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Tag Archives: shrubs

Color stains for your garden during winter

As soon as last summer flowers have disappeared, evergreen shrubs play their trump card:  during winter, offer a good structure to your garden and color the layers. This is because some of them defy those gray winter with their golden-yellow and multicolored leaves. These Perennial layers play their role during this time. They translate into reality the dream of a ...

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Tips and tricks about fertilizers

It’s an amazing thing: no one would be surprised if a canary would fall off its perch because nobody fed it. But although you feed your pets from inertia when it comes to plants, gardeners can even be amazed when you ask them this key question: “Have you fertilized? If so, when, with what and how much fertilizer did you ...

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How to maintain your water garden during autumn

Clear water to the bottom of the pond, fish, shellfish and crustaceans, all perfectly visible in the water, surrounded by beautiful plants from the edge of the pond – all this makes the water garden to be very funny. If there were no exasperating algae problem! If you look carefully, you may be surprised to find that those beautiful plants ...

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