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How to choose the right soil to grow healthy plants

Look at the plants in the garden and you will see if are anchored in a fertile soil or if they have trouble finding enough water and nutrients. To flourish and sprout, the flowers should have sufficient amounts of minerals, air, water and organic substances. Sandy soil, for example, is slightly porous, allowing the passage of water and is easy ...

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How to mow your lawn properly

The secret is humid climate and regular maintenance. It’s something that should be known from the beginning: you won’t have a beautiful lawn if you do not dedicate some of your spare time. Just as it is important to do house cleaning is essential to maintain your lawn. Lawnmowers have become sufficiently powerful and this activity is not a chore ...

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Small water garden for you terrace or balcony

What could be better than relaxing in the murmur of your water garden or terrace or simply let your thoughts wander freely? A water element transforms the smallest garden into a paradise. And you must not always choose a pond! Water can be integrated in different ways: as a fountain nozzle water fountain or water bowls decorated with plants.

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