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Tag Archives: winter

Top 10 watering rules

To prevent your plants from drying during summer, you have to give them plenty of water. But how do you know how often to water them and how much water do they need? Do they need water from above or from below? Today we are going to talk you about some useful facts for watering your lovely garden.

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How to make your own kitchen garden

A green kitchen, full of herbs in the middle of winter. Wouldn’t you like to put some fresh basil, tarragon or sage in the steaming food? 10 excellent herbs grow indoors in winter, so prepare yourself now. The effort is minimal and has maximum benefits. You just need a south-facing window.

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Winter garden guests

When the days shorten and winter access its rights, everyone looks for a warm home. But what do our friends in the world of small animals when they can no longer accommodate the dense treetops or bushes in our garden? Many of them hibernate at this time, but others must find food and a suitable hiding place.

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Winter balcony and terraces

Garden lovers will not cease to work outdoors even in winter, because they can arrange their balcony or terrace. There are several things you can do outside, even in winter: dried flowers can be replaced with evergreen ones, such as pine, laurel, rosemary or wild buxus. It is recommended distance planting, so between evergreen plants remain enough space for flowering ...

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Color stains for your garden during winter

As soon as last summer flowers have disappeared, evergreen shrubs play their trump card:  during winter, offer a good structure to your garden and color the layers. This is because some of them defy those gray winter with their golden-yellow and multicolored leaves. These Perennial layers play their role during this time. They translate into reality the dream of a ...

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Tips for overwintering plants

Summer has passed and you cared for your potted treasures. Now, winter comes and so the risks that threatens your plants. What to do now and why not? What should you consider before preparing plants for winter: Clean plants before bringing them inside: Remove all dry, sick and fallen leaves and also dead woody parts. If there are parasites on ...

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