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DIY: Endless onion supply

How simple it would be if every time you need the onions for cooking and just simply take one and grow another in his place.
Of course you can buy onions in any supermarket, but you never have enough information about the circumstances in which they grown.

One solution could be growing onions at home, we can, but not everyone lives in a house with garden, but now we present a method that works in the kitchen, and everybody has a kitchen.
What is needed:
– A large PET bottle
– scissors
– onion bulbs
– soil
– water

How you do it:
Use scissors to cut off the neck of the bottle, then cut holes in the side of the bottle.
Be careful with the size of the holes, they need to be big enough for the onion bulbs.
Then placed the onion in the holes with the end outside the hole and fill it up with soil.
Water the soil and then put the bottle in front of a window to get light.

DIY Endless onion supply


  1. Wonderful! Thank you so much!

  2. very interesting thank you!!

  3. How do you get the onions out? Don't they grow and become larger than the hole you cut to plant them in?

  4. I’d like someone to explain how this creates more onions. It seems to me all it’s making is onion greens… which are still tasty, but it doesn’t create more actual onions.

  5. First you are pushing the onion bulb in so most of the bulb grows outside the bottle as shown in the picture. Second you leave the onion grow until it matures, then it will be an onion and not just green onions. Third when you pull a mature onion out you may have to stuff a little dirt back in the hole and then insert a new onion set in the now empty spot.

    Maybe you aught to just buy onions. I thought the directions pretty simple, and the picture self explanatory

    • I like the premise of the idea but I’d have to agree with Monica, this is a waste of onions. If you have to buy the onions then plant them to grow green onions then you haven’t saved any money really. Green onions are only a buck at the store and unless you use them in every meal really you’d wind up wasting more then you use. Maybe using one onion and keeping it on hand would be useful. This seems wasteful. And yes the title is misleading, you are not growing onions, you are growing onion greens or chives.

  6. What a great idea”…..thanks for sharing:-)

  7. I Love the idea. But what is a PET bottle?

  8. Praise be Hester! I am an idiot. I didn’t understand ’til now. Thank you!!

  9. Also consider that onions split. I imagine if you gave your onions enough room in the soil and enough time, they will have more than one sprout per onion. When you use them, just split the two apart and return the smaller of the two to the soil to grow bigger.

  10. This is a great idea. Question – it says cut the neck off the bottle. But the pictures show the neck of the bottle intact and with a handle. If you’re cutting the holes in the side, why would you need to cut the neck off? Thanks

    • By cutting the neck you will be able to handle the layers of soil and position the onions better. You don’t have to cut all the neck, just enough to bend it so you can put your hand inside.

  11. Thank you so much,,,,,

  12. don’t use full onions, cut the bottom part of the onion with the roots, leave about 1cm of onion on the roots, leave outside for day to dry little, PLANT THAT PART WITH THE ROOTS ON, use the onion as such and watch new onions grow from the roots

  13. Please explain and show first the bottle then show slowely why u are leaving this to us how .if u have shown this si better show first the empty bottle then the soul and then how ti instale the onion thanks .pic looks nice but of no use if direction are not there thenks sajida

  14. Rose super idea……….thank you

  15. Sharon Struthers-Reilly

    This has not been explained very well at all. As you onions grow and become green. You pick one. Cut it open very carefully as not to damage the new shoots. Inside the onion will be the green part with the new shoots. You take the shoot and replant. Hence creating another onion. Repeat amd you won’t have to buy more onions.

    • Rietha Crafford August 19, 2016 at 3:08 pm
      don’t use full onions, cut the bottom part of the onion with the roots, leave about 1cm of onion on the roots, leave outside for day to dry little, PLANT THAT PART WITH THE ROOTS ON, use the onion as such and watch new onions grow from the roots

    • Now that makes sense… thank you. And thank you for not having a nasty way of explaining it. I might actually try this now 🤘😜

  16. Hester, the pictures are NOT self-explanatory … and your explanation even less so!!! I still don’t have a clue how it makes an endless supply of onions. You say you take the mature onion out and have to replace it with another onion set …??? The pictures show that you put mature onions in in the first place … so are you supposed to actually just put the green sprouts in the soil (thanks Kristina – you made a lot more sense!) Don’t be snotty to people asking questions, no matter how stupid it may seem to you … that’s the quickest way to get people to NEVER follow anything you post again!

  17. we (my wife and I) cut the end off the bottom of an onion the plat the has hair roots and plant the they will grow into a full size onion so only have to buy the large onion once and from then on you will never run out of onions. One more comment if you leave the handle on it is easy to move.

  18. Green onions are different. The green part that grows from onions are chives.

  19. So it’s not an endless supply of onions, it’s a fancy onion storage system.
    You still have to buy onions to put into the grower

  20. As far I can see it..only the leaves are gowing but not the bulbs of the onion..so there is no addition of new bulbs out there

  21. I believe that one would simply cut the onion from the root while keeping the root in tact in the soil. New Onions shoots should continue to grow from the established root and replinsh themselves is my theory… happy gardening ~

  22. Well, thank you all for the discussion about chives versus onions. Either way, I will be trying this. I live in a remote village in Alaska where produce has to be flown in at a higher cost to the consumers. These small indoor planting ideas will definitely assist us in keeping vegetables on our table in an area where we can’t get them. Thank you!

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